KFK File Splitter

KFK File Splitter 3.19

KFK is a utility to split huge files into user specified size & number of files
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KFK is a utility to split huge files into user specified size or number of files. KFK is an ideal utility for users transferring files from a High density medium to low density medium requiring multiple disks. The split files can be burnt onto the CD with the required software for burning. KFK is helpful to send files using email where the upload capacity of the email is limited. KFK splits the files with facility to rebuild the files if required. KFK is application sensitive and can be customized to split for CD/DVD, USB or Notepad. It is highly useful in handling pen drives and memory cards with limited capacity. KFK automatically limits the CD/DVD split capacity to 650/700 MB, Notepad to 60 Kb files. KFK handles multi disk span to ensure backups with quicker execution due to multi threaded functionality for simultaneous tasking. It uses Unicode support to ensure splitting of files created using any character set prevalent across the world. Internationalization feature is included for users in non English speaking countries, so under the settings window you can change its user interface language from the available 31 most popular languages. It is unable to create auto merging files parts so to rebuild your file you will require this software.

Manoj Goel
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  • Support to split according to the media
  • Custom split facility with user driven input on number of files or capacity
  • Unicode support to split files any character set
  • Facility to rebuild from the split files


  • Burning to CD/DVD requires external software support
  • Auto merging not supported
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